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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as our client. Lowery Property Advisors is dedicated to service through prompt communication, in depth research, and clear presentation.

Our passion for service and real estate is what drives the direction of our company. A knowledge base that includes a wide range of property types gives our clients the ability to utilize our service for virtually any project. Accompanying documentation provides additional detail about our company and services, as does our web site Also, please feel free to contact us directly at 817-229-9253 if you require additional information.

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105 Decker Court #1000
Irving, TX 75062
O: 214.347.8558
F: 214.614.4315
920 Memorial City Way, Suite 425
Houston, TX 77024
O: 713.338.2557
F: 214.614.4315
San Antonio:
100 NE Interstate
410 Loop #1350
San Antonio, TX 78216
O: 210.390.0492
F: 214.614.4315
West Texas:
4500 W Illinois Ave #203h
Midland, TX 79703
O: 432.688.0522
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Fort Worth:
777 Main St. Suite 600
Ft. Worth, Texas 76102
O: 682-286-1520
F: 214.614.4315